The translation service offered by ELVO Editorial is not only aimed at authors who value a service that covers their needs, preferences or possibilities of improving international readership: It is also available to external authors who have not necessarily published with us, supplying them with a means of translating their literary texts into the languages ​​presented above. In addition, we are not only referring to literary prose: 
All types of texts, documents, expositions, conferences, etc, are accepted.  Furthermore, if required, we offer the possibility of proofreading and editing them, in any of the above mentioned languages.

Our team of collaborators includes native speakers, Hispanic philologists, and in a nutshell, people with a perfect ability to understand and assimilate our language. It is important that the translator has specific knowledge of both languages ​​and the nuances of the source language, as well as the technical and cultural context of what is intended to be transcribed, in order to finally compose a translation into the target language.

The available languages, as you can see above, are Arabic, English, French and Italian. You can ask us for a free quote.

For any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp (+34 634 46 22 02) or via email to: